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Dementia Services

Those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia have very special needs. Key among these is a safe and secure environment designed to maximize their level of orientation. The Dementia Service at Silvercrest has the secure, 4 North wing as its home base, and although some residents with advanced illness remain within the unit at all times, many others are able to partake in the activities and enjoy the surroundings of other areas within Silvercrest.

Our staff brings a special kindness and commitment to their work with this challenging group of residents. Every effort is made to engage each individual and to work to maintain cognitive skills. Group activities, along with group and individual recreational therapies keep residents stimulated and allow staff to continually reassess the functional level of each patient.

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When an eligible resident has been identified, the Silvercrest/VNSNY Hospice Care team meets with the family to create an individual, customized care plan for that resident's needs. Services can include one-on-one home-health care and a range of psychosocial supports for the resident and family. Provision is always made for:

  • Comfort: Nurses work with doctors to evaluate and manage any pain and other symptoms.
  • Choice: Peoples wishes, values and cultural beliefs are respected
  • Support: Chaplains and social workers provide emotional support while dietitians and physical therapists contribute their expertise.
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Long Term Care

The aging of America is a well documented phenomenon, and as the elderly live longer, provision must be made for the long term care of individuals with complex and chronic healthcare needs.

At Silvercrest we are committed to helping meet this growing need and stand ready to provide a comfortable home to those unable to live independently, as well as needed medical therapy for those aged patients who also require sophisticated medical and nursing treatments.

Long term care residents enjoy bright and comfortable surroundings together with the support of a nurturing staff. All of Silvercrest's professionals strive to maintain a "home-like" atmosphere for residents and work to assist each in his assimilation into the Silvercrest "family."

Friendships develop quickly between residents through the recognition of shared interests and participation in a myriad of activities. These friendships have no boundary with respect to age or background since all long term care residents commingle readily. Recognizing the energy that youth always brings, Silvercrest also supports a number of programs that attract young people and get them involved with our residents. The benefits of these "multigenerational" sessions can be clearly seen to flow in both directions.

Care As In A Private Office

"The Wellness Center" is a unique environment within the Silvercrest complex that brings comfort and efficiency together for the medical evaluation and treatment of our residents. The Center is, in effect, a well equipped "private physician's" office to which residents come for comprehensive "outpatient" type care.


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Carol Moser
Assistant Manager of Therapeutic Recreation

Carol began volunteering at Silvercrest 15 years ago, shortly after she lost her 20-year-old son to his seven-year battle with cancer. “It was a way to get out the house,” she says. “Soon it became my career because it was so satisfying and I enjoyed this place so much.” Carole, who is a native of Queens, has always been a people person. “Therapeutic Recreation is the core of Giving Quality to Life,” says Carol. “I get to work with all function levels, all kinds of personalities and the family members, I love it.” She also loves the direction Silvercrest has taken in recent years. “I’ve seen a lot of changes, all positive.”

Long Term Care

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Silvercrest residents rarely need leave the building to have their dental needs met. Within a state-of-the-art, well equipped operatory, our dentists and hygienist see to the periodontic, prosthodontic and general dental needs of the Silvercrest population. The dental program, overseen by the New York Hospital Queens Department of Dental Medicine, is also an important site for the training of practitioners within the NYHQ Geriatric Dental Fellowship.

Annual checkups and re-appointments are coordinated through the "Wellness Center," with care to coordinate treatment with the resident's physician and Clinical Care Coordinator.

The dental team also makes a great effort to keep the treatment experience a pleasurable one and regularly calls the families of residents to keep them apprised of treatment progress. Patients requiring oral surgery or treatment under deep sedation or general anesthesia are treated at The New York Hospital Queens (NYHQ). The dental housestaff at NYHQ participate in the hospital care of Silvercrest patients and provide night and weekend coverage for dental emergencies.