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Special Services

Ventilator-Dependent Patients

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Rehabilitation services also provides important contribution to the care of our ventilator-dependent residents. Those patients stable enough to travel to our main therapy area will attend regular physical and occupational therapy sessions very much like those provided for other residents. (To insure patient safety, staff are all trained in airway suction, the use of Ambu bags and basic life support, and portable ventilators are powered by Silvercrest's own cogeneration power unit.) In order that patients with more tenuous respiratory status also benefit from therapy, Silvercrest established a satellite rehab area on 5North, (adjacent to the ventilator unit). Here, patients can receive therapy while nurses and respiratory therapists remain immediately available to see to their respiratory needs.


Swallowing: Evaluation and Treatment

learn moreOf additional note is the particular contribution of our Speech/Swallowing team to the comprehensive care of Silvercrest's ventilator-dependent population. Early incorporation of speech/swallowing therapies into the ventilator wean process has produced exciting improvements in outcomes for many. Learn more about this by exploring Ventilator / Respiratory Care.

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Rehabilitation services at Silvercrest include both short and long-term in-patient programs, as well as out-patient services. The therapy provided our patients and residents is second to none, and is driven by our belief that the goal of therapy must be progress, and not just maintenance. We know that true quality of life is achieved for our residents when we obtain the highest level of independence for each among them.

In-patient Rehabilitation

At the core of the inpatient rehabilitation program is a 40 bed, sub-acute unit that is home to a variety of patient groups. Post-operative orthopedic patients (e.g. joint replacements), stroke recovery patients, people needing cardiac rehab and individuals with exacerbations of multiple sclerosis are among those whom we regularly treat. The unit also serves as a bridge to home for previously hospitalized medical patients whose state of de-conditioning requires therapy for a return to independence.

Physical Therapy

physical therapy

Occupational Therapy

occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy is devoted to the provision of "functionality" for the patient, being focused on what each individual needs in order to perform the tasks required for independence.

This comes first from a concentration on "Activities of Daily Living" (ADLs), wherein the resident is coached back to the ability to do for herself those many and essential things we all do in our daily lives without thinking.

Our OTs also work with our speech/communications team to develop successful strategies for the most severely impaired, designing orthotics and finger positioning tools that allow quadriplegic patients to activate infra-red switches for communication and computer interaction.

Speech Pathology

viewing a laryngoscopy videoSpeech Pathology staff are involved with a large percentage of Silvercrest's most challenged residents. And, it has been ground-breaking work at Silvercrest that has promulgated a better understanding of the importance of speech and swallowing therapy to the treatment community at large. Communications maintenance is critical to quality of life and essential to the existence of even the most rudimentary independence. Integrating speech evaluation and treatment planning into the early rehabilitation process has been proven by Silvercrest staff to have significant impact upon the trajectory of the patient's progress curve.


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Brittany Daughtry
Administrative Coordinator for Rehabilitation Services

After obtaining her B.S. in Biology from Saint Bonaventure University, Brittany worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, (EMT). Her passion to improve healthcare led her to internships in 2008 and 2009 in Silvercrest administration. Contributions made there prompted Silvercrest to offer her her current position in Rehabilitation Services. "I was extremely excited to join the Silvercrest community this year and look forward to contributing to the many success stories I know will emanate from rehabilitation services in the future."


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