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Dialysis at Silvercrest

End stage renal disease and the  need for dialysis have become increasingly common over the last 40 years. Dialysis patients have grown in number from tens of thousands in the 1970's, to hundreds of thousands today.

This increase is, in part, a reflection of our aging population, and our related success in extending the lives of people everywhere. It does, of course, mean that we must provide improving systems of access to those in need of sophisticated medical maintenance.

The Silvercrest Dialysis Center will serve the dual purpose of providing care for end-stage renal failure patients within our long term care population, as well as delivering another option to those in the community requiring dialysis services.

Check this space regularly to read updates on the progress of this important initiative.

Approval was received by The Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation for construction and certification of a 15-station, chronic renal dialysis extension clinic to be located at the campus of the Silvercrest Center. The primary service area for the proposed new extension clinic will be Queens County. This proposal is a joint effort between New York Hospital Queens and Silvercrest.

Currently, residents at Silvercrest who require dialysis must be transported to an off-site facility three (3) times per week to receive treatment. Location of the proposed dialysis extension clinic within the campus will enable the provision of service in one location for persons who require long term care/skilled nursing services and treatment for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), thereby significantly improving quality of life for these residents. Moreover, Medicaid expenditures related to transportation of patients from the long term care facilities to an off-site treatment center will be significantly reduced. This project is also consistent with the desire expressed by the State Hospital Review and Planning Council Dialysis Workgroup to see more chronic renal dialysis programs developed in residential health care facilities (RHCFs).

Silvercrest is also one of only eight (8) RHCFs in Queens County that is certified to serve long-term ventilator-dependent residents, who often also suffer from renal failure. The presence of a chronic renal dialysis clinic at the Silvercrest RHCF to serve ventilator-dependent residents will greatly enhance the quality of life of these residents and will make needed medical treatment more accessible.

There is currently a significant shortfall of chronic renal dialysis treatment capacity in Queens County, particularly for residents of RHCFs, and that shortfall is expected to grow.

The proposed extension clinic will be located in a to-be-constructed, one-(1)-story addition to Silvercrest, and will be accessible to residents of Silvercrest directly through a corridor attached to the main building. Although the proposed extension clinic will primarily treat patients who are residents of Silvercrest, services will also be available to the general public, as required by State and Federal regulations. Patients who are not residents of Silvercrest will have access to the dialysis clinic through a dedicated, street-level entrance. This entrance will make clinic use by the general community possible without causing any disturbance to residents of Silvercrest.



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