"Giving Quality to Life"

Long Term Care : Rehabilitation : Ventilator and Respiratory Care : Senior Housing

144-45 87th Ave.
Briarwood, NY 11435


The Silvercrest facility is located on a four acre site in the residential community of Briarwood, Queens. The 5-story building houses eight nursing units, each containing forty beds. The building contains substantial recreational areas as well as main and satellite dining facilities. The "Wellness Center" is a well appointed, outpatient medical office through which more and more of the medical services within the facility are coordinated. A fully equipped dental operatory makes nearly all routine dental and dental hygiene procedures available on site.

The grounds possess three terraced areas that provide locations for outside activities and family visits. Plans are underway for other landscaping changes that will provide residents new attractive outdoor environments for relaxation and exercise.

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Silvercrest has an established history of providing quality residential care to people with complex health care needs. It's innovative programs have made it a leader in post acute care services, including ventilator dependent, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias, wound care and short-term rehabilitation.

Silvercrest is currently the only residential healthcare facility in Queens that provides both adult ventilator dependent beds (60) and adult traumatic brain injury specialized care. However, in addition, Silvercrest is home to a superb rehabilitation program for short term and cardiac patients, as well as to a discreet dementia program and a hospice program.

Major renovations in the last several years have refitted Silvercrest for its expanding mission. Recent changes include major security infrastructure improvements, employing more sophisticated cameras, better lighting and access controls.The Board is committed to supporting those changes in the physical plant that will be needed to keep Silvercrest at the forefront as it delivers the finest nursing and rehabilitative care into this new century. (Learn more and help).