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Silvercrest History

The Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation opened in 1989 under the sponsorship of Booth Memorial Medical Center and The Salvation Army. Originally named "Booth Silvercrest," it took its name from the medical center, which was in turn named after the founder of the Salvation Army, General William Booth (seen at right). The name "Silvercrest" came from the silver crest found on the uniforms of Salvationists.

The vision of the Salvation Army was to create a natural continuum of care from hospital to community and provide a home to those requiring skilled care. What may have had the greatest impact on Silvercrest's development was the decision to become one of the first nursing facilities to care for ventilator dependent patients who were unable to return home, but whose quality of life was compromised in a hospital setting.

Silvercrest opened its Ventilator Dependent Unit in May 1992, creating one of the first ventilator units in a skilled nursing facility in the state of New York. The unit was so successful that it expanded from 15 to 40 beds shortly thereafter, and today, at 60 beds, is the largest such unit in New York. The ventilator program became the foundation on which sub-acute care at Silvercrest has grown.

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Soon after developing it's premier ventilator program, Silvercrest was asked by the New York State Department of Health to develop a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program and bring New York State residents receiving TBI services in other states back to New York. Silvercrest’s TBI Program has also been recognized as one of the more outstanding programs in extended care.

In 1996, the facility changed its name from Booth Silvercrest to Silvercrest Extended Care Facility and opened its Short Term Rehabilitation and Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit as an adjunct to the New York Hospital Queens Cardiac Care Center. Once again, the aggressive rehabilitation approach and unique resources of Silvercrest had a positive impact, producing reduced lengths of stay for hospitalized patients and superior clinical outcomes in a cost effective and efficient way.

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Today, more than a decade of service after its birth, a more mature and sophisticated Silvercrest sees to the needs of a widening population of complex patients. The Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, sponsored by The New York Hospital Queens, is a full member of the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System, and enjoys access to all the resources of this, the largest and finest of New York medical systems.