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Pertinent Anatomy:

resident education

Learning touches every life at Silvercrest.

Both professionals and staff participate in continuous, ongoing educational processes, and residents are encouraged and supplied the resources and support they need to grow and explore intellectually.

Although home to a warm and supportive, long term care environment, Silvercrest also does extraordinary work in rehabilitation, speech and swallowing, and respiratory / ventilator care. As a result, one will discover systems and resources here that might only be expected to exist within the walls of an acute care institution.

To help users of this website better understand the science that underpins our work, we provide a number of learning resources. The graphic links displayed across the top of the page open interactive diagrams that illustrate certain aspects of anatomy. The depictions are of relevance to information about medical, respiratory and rehabilitative care that is provided elsewhere on the site.

Menu lists below present instructional videos that we believe can be helpful to an understanding of topics in elder care, rehabilitation and respiratory care.



Experts from Silvercrest contribute to professional education programs throughout the region and country, sharing with others many of the insights that have led to the creation of valuable protocols for long term care, rehabilitation and ventilator/respiratory care. So that you may be kept abreast of exciting programs and initiatives and learn directly from our staff, we encourage you to visit "The Sounds of Silvercrest" page and subscribe to our podcasts.

Silvercrest Video Channel

For access to other instructive video content, be sure to check out the Silvercrest Video Channel. This is updated regularly with videos of interest on topics that include rehabilitation, respiratory disease and therapy, elder care issues and more.