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Medical care at Silvercrest must rise to a higher than typical standard because of the many and complex medical problems of our resident population. Our residents and patients include individuals with neurological and neuromuscular conditions, cardiac disease, respiratory failure, degenerative disease processes, and a variety of other challenging conditions.

The backbone of the Medicine department is provided by our staff of geriatricians and nurse practitioners, who see to the majority of the needs of our rehab and long term care residents. Together with VP of Medical Services and geriatrician, Dr. Daniel Russo, Silvercrest employs a second, full-time geriatrics specialist and three part-time geriatricians, each present for 4 hours daily. Four additional fee for service doctors, (two geriatricians and two internists) are also present on site daily, and all doctors participate in the weekend call schedule for the facility. Our Geriatrics group, most of whom are on staff at New York Hospital Queens, is reinforced by three graduate level internists who train in the combined, Silvercrest-New York Hospital Queens Geriatrics fellowship.

The specialty care needs of our general population is met by the regular attendance of practitioners from New York Hospital Queens. Among those making regular visits are:

  • Acupuncturist: Every Wednesday
  • Cardiologist: Monthly and as needed
  • Dentist: Weekly on Wednesdays
  • Neurologist: Monthly and as needed
  • Nutritionist: Weekly
  • Optometrist: Twice monthly
  • Orthopedist: Weekly on Tuesdays
  • Pain Specialist: Weekly on Mondays
  • Physiatrist: Twice monthly on Wednesdays
  • Podiatrists (3): Each weekly
  • Psychiatrist: Twice weekly (Tuesday and Friday)
  • Psychologist 1: Four days each week
  • Psychologist 2: Two days each week
  • Pulmonologist: Four days each week

PEG tube change  protocolAs a result, Silvercrest began a two-year evolutionary process, beginning in 2003, that led to the development of a proactive resident/patient safety program for the long-term management of PEG tubes. The Occurrence Review Committee (ORC) began to review all gastrostomy tube dislodgements as a part of the overall accident/ incident investigation and root cause analysis (RCA) processes. A multi-disciplinary team that included the gastrostomy tube vendor was created. Investigating and identifying root causes for PEG related problems led to :

  • revising systems and implementing new processes
  • instituting new educational measures for staff
  • revising policies and procedures
  • establishing facility benchmarks, and
  • putting in place continuing improvement activities

Expert Wound Care

Because Silvercrest residents are at high risk for pressure ulcers, the facility has declared a "war on sores" by instituting ground-breaking prevention and treatment methods. Although a significant number of residents do have some form of pressure sore, almost none of them is acquired at Silvercrest, (see Quality Care). Significant progress has been made in speeding the healing of established sores through the efforts of our multi-disciplinary wound care team. Led by Vohra wound care physicians, the team of nurses, nutrition staff and therapists rounds twice weekly to see and treat every affected resident. This process re-confirms what has long been known about therapy for decubitus ulcers... namely that the single most important factor in achieving healing is regular attention to the wound by skilled personnel.

Care for Kidney Patients

The Palliative Care Team

Silvercrest provides hospice care to qualifying individuals with the assistance of Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY) . Through this program, VNSNY is able to provide the same services for many of our residents that it does within the homes of countless others in the community.

palliative careSadly, not all people dealing with end-of-life concerns qualify for insurance-supported hospice care. It is for those who do not that the Silvercrest Palliative Care Team makes a real difference. The attending physician is joined by our chaplain, nurse practitioner, social workers, rehabilitation experts and pain specialist in the coordination of care that is needed to see that life ends in comfort and with dignity.



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