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Critical to the quality of care in any medical institution is the skill and commitment of its nursing staff. At Silvercrest our nurses are devoted to creating a comfortable, caring environment for those making a long term home with us, and to the development of ever-greater functional ability for those who will go home, (short term rehabilitation).

Reporting to the Vice President of Nursing Services are 8 Clinical Care Coordinators (RNs), each of whom is responsible for the 24 hour management of one of our 40-bed units. Each CCC is provided a staff consistent with the intensity of illness on her unit.

Our nurses are versed in the care of a variety of patient types.

Long term care patient groups include:

  • geriatric
  • post CVA (stroke)
  • dementia (incl. Alzheimer's)
  • multiple sclerosis
  • cerebral palsy
  • traumatic brain injury
  • ventilator dependent (chronic respiratory failure)

Short term groups:

  • post-surgical rehabilitation
  • post-hospitalization rehab
  • cardiac rehab

Nurses and CNAs at the 4 South Nursing Station
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Teaching Ourselves

Continued excellence in nursing requires an ongoing commitment to education. Silvercrest Director of Staff Development provides an In-Service program for staff, and brings outside educators to the institution as well.electronic medical record Our staff's willingness and ability to quickly embrace the sophisticated Electronic Medical Record System introduced here has been further testimonial to the effectiveness of our educational initiatives.

Programs that require a return to school are encouraged, and as a result, many of our Certified Nursing Assistants have earned their LPN credentials, and many LPNs have gone on to become RNs. The significant resources of NYHQ College are also available to Silvercrest staff, and our relationship with New York Hospital Queens allows us to send new nursing graduates to the hospital for preceptorships and in-hospital orientation before bringing them back to their new, elevated roles with us.

Teaching Others

Silvercrest nursing also maintains its vibrancy by providing geriatric and respiratory nursing education to others. Nursing students learn first hand from seasoned staff while many at other institutions benefit from Silvercrest's educational outreach. Widening opportunities for affiliation with area educational institutions also provide Silvercrest with access to tomorrow's nursing talent, and give the department a wonderful chance to impart a love for extended and long term care nursing to young professionals.



A Great Resource

The commitment to nurses and their growth is mirrored in Silvercrest's relationship with its Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). CNAs are the most important link between patients and the nursing and medical staffs, and their importance to the delivery of quality care cannot be overstated. CNAs are actively encouraged to increase their skills and extend their education. Also, evolving relationships with nearby schools will help our nursing team to impact upon the quality of education provided to those seeking CNA certificates.


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