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Nutrition Services

Food services at Silvercrest is overseen by Morrison Senior Dining, a division of the Compass Group. And while the considerable resources available to Morrison are important, so too is the fact that all meals are cooked fresh on site, and are prepared and delivered by a caring team of professionals. The Morrison credo of "no quality without consistency" finds realization in the hundreds of nutritious meals delivered to Silvercrest residents daily.

morrison food servicesAll those working for Nutrition Services take considerable pride in delivering superb meals and service to residents. Their devotion to their work and to Silvercrest is evidenced by the stability in their numbers, with turnover essentially non-existent among this staff. Our Nutrition Service manager prides himself on a singular commitment to excellence, insuring that each resident's tastes are respected, and that the strict Morrison standards are always observed.

Menu variation is maintained by a 4 week cycle of selections, and those residents in Subacute Rehabilitation enjoy a selective menu at all times. Ethnic meals are prepared frequently, and Kosher meals are made available to all who request them.

Special events are many, thanks to the cooperative efforts of the Nutrition Services staff and their counterparts in the division of Therapeutic Recreation. Birthdays, anniversaries and other important events bring out the best from the kitchen and from the nutrition team. The residents and staff also look forward to regular summer barbecues given outdoors on the veranda.

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Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
    Lovely decorations for a Thanksgiving dinner!
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    Carving one of many gobblers.
  • A beautiful meal
    A delicious and traditional Thanksgiving plate.
  • Someone's ready
    Someone is ready for her dinner!
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    Anticipating a wonderful meal.
  • Here you go
    Nutrition Service staff enjoy providing a wonderful feast.
  • Potables
    Traditional potables are also provided.
  • Buddies
    The guys are satisfied.
  • Preparation
    Nutrition staff make the whole thing possible.
  • Success
    Surely, there is much for which to give thanks!

Thanksgiving Dinner


The Silvercrest tradition of inclusion is in evidence when we dine... there must be something for everyone! Instead of dried, cut foods smothered in gravy, residents with soft food needs enjoy "soft to chew" treats like French toast sticks. Such creations will also become "finger" foods that our dementia patients can handle and enjoy. These presentations make for food that is better tasting and more visually appealing.

Additional nutrition features include:

  • Breakfast Clubs
  • Barbecues, (including Kosher grill)
  • Happy Hours
  • Vegan menu

Visitors, including family and friends of residents, often come to enjoy the fare at Silvercrest special events. When families wish to arrange a special group meal to share with a loved one, Nutrition Services is prepared to make the arrangements.

The Nutrition team also manages a staff dining area used by Silvercrest employees and also available to any visitors seeking sustenance. Fare here ranges from grill items like hamburgers and hot dogs to full, nutritious hot meals.