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Resident Center

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Residents and patients are the heart of Silvercrest.

They are a varied and wonderful cast of personalities- tenacious, funny, ambitious, shy, lively, talkative, quiet, young and not so young. We are daily inspired by their stories and by their generosity in sharing those stories with us.

Residents help to set the tone inside Silvercrest working though the "Resident Council." As Council VP, Elvin Marmol relates, "Our population of patients and residents presents many challenges to us in its diversity. There are people who can't communicate well, as well as very engaged, functioning residents, and we stand for them all." Council president Eileen Bergstrom stresses that, "Our job is to try to cast a bigger net to get more residents involved, no matter what their circumstances."

Council members are very grateful to the Therapeutic Recreation staff for all the activities that they develop. However, they also believe that it is important for people to participate in resident-driven pursuits. This attitude helps to energize residents in their support for regular card and board games, faith-based fellowship groups and special interest clubs.

Resident Council

The primary purpose of this council is to empower residents to assist in internal Silvercrest decisions. The Council assists in keeping the institution accountable to residents and their families, and seeks to empower residents to live life to the fullest. Disability and/or chronic illness should not mean "inability."

The Silvercrest Resident Council helps to create decision making opportunities for residents and has sponsored or promoted therapeutic activities, social clubs and educational sessions.

Family Council

Family Council meets quarterly- in March, June, September and December. It is open to all family members of any resident or patient at Silvercrest, and is designed to give the families an opportunity to meet each other and staff, make suggestions, express concerns and share information.

family council minutes Each meeting begins with a complimentary dinner at Silvercrest. Families are given an opportunity to meet privately without staff present, after which, staff members typically make presentations on topics of interest, (e.g. safety issues, staffing, etc.). Agendas for future meetings and the minutes of past meetings are posted by Social Services on the first floor, Family Council Bulletin Board. The most recent minutes can also be seen by using the folder link above.


support groups Support Groups

group Bereavement Support Group

The Silvercrest Bereavement Support Group works to help residents and family members with the difficult issues surrounding the loss of a loved one.

group Dementia Support Group

Alzheimer's and other dementias present enormously difficult challenges to family members and caregivers alike. The Silvercrest Dementia Support Group provides family members and friends with the opportunity to freely discuss their feelings related to their loved ones' medical condition and its effect upon their lives.

Meets Every 3rd Monday, 11am
For information: Call 718-480-4034

group Ventilator Dependent Unit Family Care Support Group

This support group offers each family an opportunity to discuss quality of life issues as it relates to the health challenges of their ventilator-dependent loved ones. Interdisciplinary team members (Including various MD specialists, Therapeutic Recreation, Nursing, Social Services, and Rehabilitation) host the meetings and select themes relevant to the care process within the ventilator unit.

The team presents topics based on the expressed interest of new family members and participants in FCS group. Emphasis is placed upon orientation to the unit, education and self-expression. Family members are encouraged to work through feelings and emotions regarding the health status of their loved ones. The group's goal is to enable families to develop strategies to enhance the quality of their visits with loved ones and to meet their own wellness needs.

Please speak with Therapeutic Recreation for day and time.



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