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Affordable housing with supportive services is a key component of our nation's long term care continuum. While there are more than 300,000 Section 202 units across the country, this remains a small number of resources when compared to the need. Unfortunately, large numbers of people still wait in line with the hope of finding an affordable living solution.

With the support of the U.S. Department of HUD, Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation and New York Hospital Queens were able to develop a new and modern facility that has become home to 100 low-income seniors in need of housing. This facility provides another resource for those who are of limited means, but in need of basic accommodations.

Silvercrest Senior Housing provides its residents with a comfortable and secure place to live, as well as with ready access to both acute and long-term care services.

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As a resident ages, the housing Coordinator must identify that individual's changing needs in order to ensure that supports are modified appropriately. This helps to maximize the resident's functional independence and to maintain his/her dignity and self-esteem. With greater frailty will come greater need for services. The Coordinator will link tenants with Silvercrest’s service delivery system or with other, community-based services, depending upon the need.

Although Silvercrest supports an extensive array of services within the continuum of care, the evolving needs of residents at Silvercrest Senior Housing will help us to define new services for future development.

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Silvercrest Senior Housing

Silvercrest Senior Housing is a government-subsidized living facility for elderly of limited means.

Before opening its doors to residents in early 2011, the 80-apartment complex was developed over a two year period on land donated by Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supports public housing for eligible elderly candidates. Silvercrest Senior Housing is approved to provide services for up to 100 elderly constituents.

Silvercrest Senior Housing is located on the campus of The Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. The residents of the Silvercrest Senior Housing complex have a range of health and social support services conveniently located within the same medical center campus. The facility's main goal is to facilitate independent living for residents by providing comfortable, safe housing and by facilitating access to a broad range of health and social support services.

Silvercrest Senior Housing assists residents with a variety of tasks they can find daunting, including the completion of complex forms and the arrangement of payment schedules for phone, medical and other obligations. Telephone reassurance programs, as well as "crime watch" and "buddy" programs have been set up on site, and linkages have been organized with support groups that deal with grief, depression, and visual or hearing impairment. Some "linked groups" provide on-site services, while others deliver their aid through the auspices of local religious and community-based programs.

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Lisa Tambasco

Lisa Tambasco
Property Manager

Lisa is Manager of the Silvercrest Senior Housing property and has been with the facility since its opening. She was involved in the process of placing all current residents with the property, and has a special relationship with each and every tenant. Lisa is a totally dedicated, caring person whose presence contributes greatly to the "family" atmosphere found here.

Alejandro Mandujano

Alejandro Mandujano

Alejandro is superintendant of the Silvercrest Senior Housing property and has been with the facility since its oepning. He sees to the safety and cleanliness of the entire building and often works on a variety of other tasks that make daily life for residents better. Alejandro is loved and respected by residents for his patience, good nature and hard work.

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