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Spiritual Services

Silvercrest spiritual services are supported by our "Pastoral Care Committee" of imams, rabbis, Catholic and Hindu priests from the community of New York. The group is well able to meet the needs of Silvercrest residents, who are drawn from the most diverse community in all of the United States.


Catholic, Jewish and Protestant services are held on a weekly basis (see schedule). In addition, Greek Orthodox, Hindu and Muslim services can be arranged in both group and individual settings depending upon resident population. Residents of other faiths can contact the Therapeutic Recreation Department to arrange services as possible. For those residents who desire them, personal clergy visits, private, in-room visits and group visits can all be arranged.

Spiritual activities include:

  • Bible study
  • Jewish study
  • Community visits
  • Community and facility volunteer projects
  • Hobbies to meet spiritual interests/talents
  • Spiritual reading materials
  • Holiday services based upon needs of the resident population
  • End-of-life counseling services
  • Counseling to address hope, despair, guilt and forgiveness
  • Private space for meditation and personal reflection




Upon admission, each resident will receive an individual assessment to determine his spiritual needs and preferences.

Pastoral Care Services include:

  • Catholic, Jewish and Protestant worship services, which are held weekly.
  • Opportunities for residents of other faiths to worship, including those from the Greek Orthodox, Hindu and Muslim faiths.
  • Additional clergy offerings, including communion services, holiday services, the anointing of the sick and last rites.
  • Study opportunities, including Bible study, Jewish studies and access to spiritual reading materials.
  • Spiritual hobbies
  • Counseling