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Volunteering at Silvercrest

Silvercrest and its residents enjoy the contributions made by a large group of volunteers. Individuals of varied age and background commit their time and energies to making the facility more efficient and the residents more comfortable.

Volunteers assist in many ways and in many areas, including social services, therapeutic recreation, medical records and food services. Opportunities also abound for individuals involved in EMS and nursing instructional programs.

A very special program within the Volunteer system allies Silvercrest with the Association for Neurologically Impaired and Brain Injured Children (ANIBIC). Special needs individuals from ANIBIC enjoy vocational training at Silvercrest under the supervision of "job coaches" trained by our departmental supervisors. Participants with higher function levels are given opportunity for independent work with periodic "check-ups" from the job coach. Others with more limited capabilities participate in the "Day-Hab" program where, under constant supervision, they help out in therapeutic recreation activities. This is a marvelous program that is of great benefit to both Silvercrest residents and ANIBIC participants.

An exciting program known as "Friends of Silvercrest" enlists the aid of relatives and frequent visitors who are willing to share with families of new arrivals and provide support, particularly during the early, and sometimes difficult acclimatization period.

There may well be a place for you in our volunteer program!

The work offers satisfactions that can only be derived from service to others. If you would like more information about volunteering at Silvercrest, please call Coordinator, Natasha Elie, at 718-480-4000, ext 4026. Alternatively, contact her via the form at right.



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