Here’s how to be admitted to The Silvercrest Center

From a New York State hospital: You will be required to be evaluated on the appropriateness of your admission. This ensures that The Silvercrest Center is a good fit for your needs. The hospital social worker will fill out this evaluation (called a Patient Review Instrument or PRI) and submit it to Silvercrest.

From another New York State long-term care facility: The social worker at your prior facility will fill out and submit the PRI.

From the community in New York State: You will need to be evaluated by a visiting nurse service. Their staff will assess you in order to complete and submit the PRI.

If you are from out of New York State: Please call 718-480-4007 for more information.

Interested in outpatient or transitional care services? Ask your doctor for a prescription.

For more information on admissions, please call 718-480-4007.