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We offer a warm and inviting environment where patients can thrive.

We offer a warm and inviting environment where patients can thrive.

All of our patients enjoy a facility that is bright and accessible. Our homelike setting includes:

Dining rooms

There is a dining room located on each unit and a large, central one located to the left of the lobby, site to many parties and other activities.

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Located opposite the elevators on each unit, these spaces are attractive places to share an intimate conversation with a friend or simply to read a book.

Meditation room/chapel

This soothing space, located to the right of the elevators on the first floor, is always open to everyone for quiet reflection.

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Outdoor spaces

Silvercrest is fortunate to enjoy a serene setting in a residential neighborhood. In good weather, many patients and visitors gather near the gazebo and waterfall located to the left of the front plaza. There is also a patio outside the main dining room. The Healing Gardens, off of 2 North, are open during certain hours.

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Silvercrest stories

Listen to team members and patients who have experienced the Silvercrest difference first hand.

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Patient Testimonials
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