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We help patients recover from a wide range of diagnoses.

Silvercrest promotes excellence and improves outcomes for all of our patients. We are known for our particular expertise in sub-acute rehabilitation services, complex pulmonary services, and long-term care.

Sub-acute Rehabilitation Services

Our comprehensive rehabilitation program is designed to ensure each patient achieves the highest possible level of function in the shortest amount of time.

We are experts in providing care for patients after an acute illness, cardiac episode, stroke, surgery, or orthopedic injuries or surgery.

Care is provided by a highly trained, multidisciplinary team consisting of physical, occupational, and speech therapists, physicians, registered nurses, and dieticians.

Complex Pulmonary Services

Silvercrest is the oldest and largest provider of post-acute respiratory care in the Greater New York Region. Since 1992, Silvercrest has set the standard by exceptional superior care to thousands of patients.

Our team of pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, and registered nurses works to develop individualized care plans for each patient. All ventilator dependent patients are evaluated to see if they meet the criteria for our evidence-based weaning protocol.

Our top-rated specialists also manage complex respiratory cases and can provide care for those that need Bipap, C-pap, and high flow oxygenation. In addition, out team members can manage patients with L-VADS, life vests and diaphragmatic pacers.

Special expertise is available in the management of patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Silvercrest is one of two facilities in the state of New York to carry certification by the American Heart Association in managing this complex disease.

Long Term Care

Long term care services are available as an alternative to those with complex healthcare needs that make independent living no longer an option.

Our long term residents are of all ages, often with debilitating complex diseases. Our common goal is to build a new life, full of function and happiness.

Long term residents are encouraged to expand their interest, socialize, and learn.

Senior Housing

Silvercrest Senior Housing is an independent living facility serving the elderly. We have 80 one-bedroom units, including 5 units designated for individuals with disabilities. Qualifications are based on HUD Section 202 PRAC federal guidelines. Each household has at least one member that is age 62 years or older. Tenants pay rent based on income, generally equal to 30% of the household adjusted monthly income. For more information about Silvercrest Senior Housing, you can reach the office at 718 880 2100.

For more information on any of our programs or services, please call 718 480 4007.

We’re All Connected

Silvercrest is an affiliate of New York-Presbyterian, one of the leading hospital systems in the country.

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