As an inpatient, post-acute rehabilitation patient at The Silvercrest Center, you will be cared for by an interdisciplinary team of exceptionally trained staff at all levels of care, supervised by an on-site, board certified physician. Our 24/7 skilled nursing care model is RN-driven, which means our staff consists of 80 percent RNs with 90 percent of those holding a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. All of our practitioners consider you a whole person and will strategize the best way for you to rehabilitate.

Rehabilitative Services

Silvercrest’s distinguished physical and occupational therapy program, which offers one-on-one therapy seven days a week, tailored according to doctor’s orders and individual needs. When you’re preparing to go home, we provide further education to you and your loved ones, including a customized home plan for you to keep up the progress and avoid re-hospitalization.

Cutting-edge speech pathology. Our speech pathologists are involved in clinical research and are experts in swallowing, speech and adjunct ventilator-care services, such as providing ventilator patients with speaking valves, as well as the ability to eat pleasurably.

One of the finest pulmonary rehabilitation programs in the region. Our 24/7, on-site respiratory therapists provide comprehensive rehabilitation and have an impressive track record of weaning ventilator patients.

Outpatient and transitional rehabilitation services. After discharge back home, the same therapist you worked with at Silvercrest will continue to treat you either at home or at Silvercrest as an outpatient. Outpatients can also consider temporary respite care if caregivers need some relief.

Whatever your rehabilitation goals, we can handle complex medical needs and your assigned Silvercrest physician will bring in specialists if necessary. In fact, visiting nephrologists, neurologists, cardiologists and podiatrists, among others, make routine consultations. We offer a breadth of clinical services, including:

  • Accommodating feeding tubes.
  • High-flow oxygen.
  • Continuous flow bypass and portable ventilators.
  • IV therapies.
  • Complex wound care and an on-site wound care center for outpatient care.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • On-site PICC placement and management.
  • Palliative, hospice and comfort care.

And should one day you need to consider long-term care, we provide that, as well.

The Silvercrest Center provides the latest post-acute care using evidence-based research and an interdisciplinary medical management model. Our compassionate inpatient care is tailored so that you can reach the best possible rehabilitative outcome as soon as possible.

For more information about inpatient, post-acute services, please call 718-480-4007.