The Silvercrest Center is primarily a place 
to rehabilitate, whether as a post-acute inpatient who needs intense rehabilitation after a hospital stay and before going home, or as an outpatient rehabilitation patient who requires follow-up rehabilitation to maintain strength and function to avoid re-hospitalizations.

However, our long-term-care services provide an alternative to those whose complex and chronic healthcare needs make independent living no longer an option. Our residents are of all ages, many coping with debilitating and progressive conditions like multiple sclerosis or ALS. Whatever brings them to Silvercrest, they have one thing in common: A desire to build a new life, full of quality, function and happiness.

Program Features

The support of an expert and nurturing staff and a spirit of intergenerational friendship among all residents.

A family approach that emphasizes and encourages these essential bonds through open-invitation parties and club meetings, as well as ongoing communication with social workers and other staff members.

Necessary medical and nursing therapies to support the most complex conditions, including intravenous therapy, portable ventilators, wound care, and palliative and comfort care, as well as an extensive roster of routine specialty doctor consultations when appropriate.

Ongoing rehabilitative care to maintain everyday function, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy and swallowing expertise. Our pulmonary care staff is expert at weaning patients from ventilators, as well as providing ventilator patients the ability to speak and eat pleasurably.

An extensive roster of recreational pursuits. Long-term care residents are encouraged to expand their interests. Many classes, trips and events are offered and there is ample opportunity to exercise, socialize, worship and learn, including access to computers, the internet and email.

Bright, comfortable surroundings and lovely outdoor gardens. On-site amenities like a beauty parlor/barber shop and a pet therapy program enhance the convenience and pleasure of daily life.

If necessary, palliative, comfort and hospice care are available.

For more information about long-term care, please call 718-480-4007.