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A Resident With A Poetic Passion

February 5, 2018


Recently one of our many talented residents read some poetry she had written before coming to Silvercrest. Though writing poetry is nothing new to her, this was the first time she read aloud to her peers in the facility. Over the years she has had a passion for writing with both professional and personal work. She has held many positions as a copy editor and religious group staff writer. Over the years she has even had some of her personal work published in newspapers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. One of her personal favorites from her years in writing is a one liner that was published in the Times;

                                       “Even persons most laconic, loosen under gin and tonic”

Over her short time at Silvercrest she has made lots of friends with both staff and fellow residents. She has been a constant attendee to our therapeutic recreation events and programs. When asked why she wanted to read her poetry aloud she replied “when you have a special ability you always like to share it”. She will soon be discharged and she will be missed by many of the friends she made over her brief stay at Silvercrest. Even though a time that has been filled with a lot of change she has had one constant and that was her poetry. Below is one of the poems she recited during her poetry reading.


                                                           Insomnia wouldn’t be so bad

                                                         If all the brilliant thoughts we had

                                                            While in this awakened state

                                                          Would not, by dawn, evaporate!

                                         – Just a resident with

                                        a poetic passion