The Silvercrest Center stands out from our competition in that we use a medical management strategy to promote excellence and improve outcomes whether it be for inpatient post-acute care, outpatient and transitional care, or long-term care. We are also known for the following areas of special expertise and exceptional services:

Our speech and swallowing rehabilitation program is on the cutting-edge of clinical research. Our experts are well known for their ventilator-care services, such as providing appropriate candidates with in-line ventilator speaking valves and restoring their ability to eat. Patients who cannot communicate via vocal methods may benefit from other technology such as special computer applications. As an outpatient, appropriate candidates have access to SwallowSTRONG, a University of Wisconsin pilot program that supports oropharyngeal (tongue) strengthening.

For patients with chronic respiratory diseases—inpatient, outpatient or long-term—we provide services to improve function and promote self-management. Silvercrest’s pulmonary rehabilitation program is based on a model comprising of 24/7 on-site respiratory therapists. Our respiratory therapists evaluate all ventilator-dependent patients to see if they meet criteria for our evidence-based weaning protocol. Our interdisciplinary team also has high success rates providing ventilator patients with speaking valves and the ability to eat pleasurably. On the outpatient side, pulmonary patients receive ongoing rehabilitation within the context of quality respiratory care.

Our comprehensive physical and occupational therapy program uses evidence-based protocols to improve outcomes. For successful and consistent care, rehabilitation sessions (both inpatient and outpatient) are one-on-one with an assigned therapist who focuses on strength, mobility, independence and functional tasks.

For our inpatients and long-term residents, Silvercrest has an advanced wound care program that uses therapies to aid and accelerate the healing process, including: hyperbaric oxygen therapy, removal of damaged tissue, nutritional support to promote healing, specialty dressings and wraps, and medications. This same range of comprehensive services is also offered to outpatients through our Wound Care Center where our staff works with your own physician to provide the latest healing therapies.

At Silvercrest, we are well experienced in managing complex co-morbidities. Our medical care model is based on an assigned on-site, board certified attending physician who medically manages care, along with a team of nurse practitioners and pulmonologists. Necessary on-site consults are arranged with access to a multitude of specialty physicians. We also offer a breadth of clinical services, including: accommodating feeding tubes and total parenteral nutrition (TPN); high-flow oxygen, continuous flow bypass and portable ventilators; IV therapies, including antibiotics therapy; on-site PICC placement and management; wound care; and palliative, hospice and comfort care.

We are pleased to offer hospice services for our long-term residents at Silvercrest, as well as those who are our outpatients at home. This is a Medicare-certified program, which provides an interdisciplinary care team for patients with a terminal prognosis for all end-stage diseases. Hospice includes palliative medical care, treating the physical, emotional and spiritual pain of the patient and family, and bereavement counseling for surviving caregivers after the patient’s death.

Silvercrest offers short-term, temporary care to people who need assistance so that their caregivers can take a break from the daily routine, challenges and stress of caring for an ill person.

Located on the campus of The Silvercrest Center, Silvercrest Senior Housing is a government-subsidized, 80-apartment living facility for elderly of limited means. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supports public housing for eligible elderly candidates and Silvercrest Senior Housing is approved to provide services for up to 100 such residents. The main goal is to facilitate independent living for residents by providing comfortable, safe housing and access to a broad range of health and social support services within the same medical center campus.

Residents are assisted with a variety of tasks they may find daunting, including the completion of complex forms and the arrangement of payment schedules for phone, medical and other obligations. Telephone reassurance programs, as well as “crime watch” and “buddy” programs have been set up on site, and partnerships have been established with support groups that deal with grief, depression, and visual or hearing impairment.

We are proud to announce that Silvercrest has partnered with The Rogosin Institute, also a sponsored member of NewYork-Presbyterian Regional Hospital Network, to provide bedside hemodialysis services to ventilator-dependent patients. The Rogosin Institute’s expertise, reputation, and end stage renal disease knowledge, have placed them as leaders in providing dialysis and overall renal care in the New York City area. This new, special inpatient hemodialysis service fortifies the continuum of care we at Silvercrest offer through diverse programs that provide individualized, quality health care.”

For more information on any of these programs or services, please call 718-480-4007.