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Patient Stories

Two Friends Going to See The Yanks!

Let us take you to the country of Colombia in the mid 1990’s where a 10 year old Eider Valencia started his fandom for the New York Yankees, catching a game on TV any chance he could to root for his team and his favorite player, the one and only Derek Jeter. Fast forward a… Read more.

A Resident With A Poetic Passion

  Recently one of our many talented residents read some poetry she had written before coming to Silvercrest. Though writing poetry is nothing new to her, this was the first time she read aloud to her peers in the facility. Over the years she has had a passion for writing with both professional and personal… Read more.

Young Man Makes Remarkable Recovery

On September 28, 2016, Marcello Celli, 29, fell off of a balcony four stories tall and suffered multiple debilitating injuries. After spending a month in the hospital and undergoing many surgeries, Celli sought a rehabilitation center to help him recover. Unfortunately, this process proved to be difficult. Celli was denied time and again by countless facilities due to his age, until he learned about Silvercrest…

Patient Going Home

In November 2015, Regina Vega entered The Silvercrest Center to start her road to recovery, a journey that happily and remarkably ended with her home as a Silvercrest outpatient. This was extraordinary because in September of that year, Ms. Vega had been hospitalized with cardiac arrest. In the ICU her lungs had accumulated a dangerous amount of water and she was placed on a ventilator as a form of life support…

Special Device Lets Vent Patient Speak

Our inpatient Jessica, who is on a ventilator, could not make sounds. That is, until our speech pathologist switched out Jessica’s standard tracheotomy cannula (tube) with a special tube that allows speech. Jessica started off tolerating the new tube for 10 minutes and gradually increased her time with it to eight hours. This video shows Jessica’s delight with the gift of speech—and scent—that this innovation allows…

Immobile Patient Communicates Through Computer

Stroke patient Nick Balkaran was unable to speak or move until one of our nurses noticed his eye movements and alerted the speech pathologists. Nick learned to communicate again thanks to a new tech-touch electronic device. Nick controlled the cursor with his right eyelid and was able to “type” out messages. After the filming of this video, Nick eventually went home with his computer…