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COVID Update – 12/17/2021

December 17, 2021

Due to positive COVID cases and potential COVID exposure, the following units are now closed:

  • 5 North until December 30
  • 4 North (COVID wing)
  • 4 North (non-COVID wing) until December 29
  • 4 South until December 29
  • 5 South until December 29
  • 2 North (hospital exposure)

Visitation remains permitted on ALL units, however visitors must be aware that there are positive COVID cases in the facility.

Residents on 4 North, 4 South, and 5 South must remain in their rooms.

ALL visitors must perform hand hygiene and put on a new mask upon entry to the building, regardless of unit or area where visit is taking place, and wear the mask until leaving the facility.

Visitors to the affected units must also wear full PPE (N95 mask, gown, eye protection and gloves) while in resident rooms only. Before exiting resident rooms, visitors must always remove and dispose of gown and gloves and perform hand hygiene. Gowns should not be worn in the hallway. New, unused gloves and gowns must always be put on before entering or reentering resident rooms.

Housewide testing is now in progress for all residents and staff, regardless of vaccination status.